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Waitsburg Elementary students jump, skip, and shoot hoops for heart health

Students exceeded their fundraising goal, now the Superintendent will get a mohawk


Beka Compton

Jumping for a Good Cause: Cash Grende amazes with a high-flying jump at last week's Kids Heart Challenge fundraiser. Waitsburg Elementary School students raised more than $3,500 to benefit the American Heart Association.

WAITSBURG-The American Heart Association's Kid's Heart Challenge was created to teach children the importance of heart health and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. The students at Waitsburg Elementary School participated in the health awareness program, exceeding their fundraising goal and sharing awareness for heart health.

The students began raising money for the Kid's Heart Challenge in February and ended the program with an activity day on Friday, March 6. Students jumped rope and played basketball games to learn the importance of regular exercise and healthy habits.

Superintendent Mark Pickel challenged the kids to raise $3,500, with a promise to get a mohawk haircut if they succeeded. Thanks to the generosity of the community, the students were able to exceed the goal with just the online donations; the cash donations are still being counted.

The Kid's Heart Challenge gives kids a fun way to promote heart health and encouraging healthy habits for themselves and the community. The Waitsburg students have made the most of this opportunity, enjoying activities, enthusiastically raising money for the American Heart Association, and meeting Mr. Pickel's challenge. Seeing the principal sporting a mohawk will be the gift that keeps giving, at least until his hair grows out.

The kids hope their energy and excitement will inspire others to get involved and participate in this program next year. Let's all take a page out of their book and jump, skip, and hop our way toward better heart health.


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