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Pioneer Park during the holidays

Around the Valley: With Karen Huwe

WALLA WALLA-Pioneer Park in Walla Walla is a place to spend an enjoyable afternoon no matter the season. One of my favorite places in the park is the aviary, where there are various birds, ducks, peacocks, and geese. I once saw a tortoise walking in the avian enclosure.  In the springtime, you see numerous babies on land and in the water.

Next to the aviary is a walking path around the pond and benches to relax while watching the ducks. A towering fountain gives ambiance to the area. There are giant, interesting trees in the park and a rose garden.

A historical bandstand in the center of the park has been the site of many events throughout the years. It is an excellent place to picnic under the shade of trees.

For active individuals, Pioneer Park now has very nice pickleball courts. There is a playground, soccer fields, and softball fields.  There is plenty of grass to throw a frisbee, play croquet, or other lawn games.

Drive through the park at dark, as this is the first year for a seasonal light display. As you turn off Alder to enter the park, you will drive under a lighted arch with lighted trees on both sides of the road. There are tall, cone-shaped, star-topped lighted displays in different colors all around the bandstand.

No matter the season, Pioneer Park is a peaceful place to enjoy nature.  


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