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Waitsburg letter brings Santa back to town for a visit this weekend


December 1, 2022

Dear Editor,

Every year thousands of letters pour into my Inbox. Believe it or not, they trickle in all year long, but for the most part, they come in during the month of December. The letters range all over the map, from a request for a doll or car to miraculous healings.

By and large, these letters are dripping with sweetness and wide eyes, literally dreaming of the items requested. Some are written very formally, and others are scratched out on scraps of paper with smeared crayons. I am particularly touched when a letter mentions others and includes a signature rather than just a request for a doll or car.

Some writers go on about a particular event, a meaningful time, or a special person. I am often entrusted with secrets some have carried for some time in their hearts, and they finally have a place to share them.

I was touched by a letter from a child in Waitsburg about an item near and dear to their heart. After a quick discussion with Mrs. Claus, a decision has been made for me to come to Waitsburg for Hometown Christmas on Sunday, December 4th. Mrs. Claus has arranged with Ten Ton Coffee on Main Street for me to receive children (of ALL ages) from 12 noon until 4 p.m.

Parents and friends will be allowed and encouraged to take their photos with me without charge and to their heart’s content.

Children are encouraged to bring their Christmas lists and share a little chat with me. As it turns out, I have been invited to ride in the Hometown Christmas parade Sunday evening starting at 5 p.m. I will bring up the end of the procession and will be sure to look for you. Watch for me, and I will wave to you, so be sure to wave back to me. Waitsburg has the unique distinction of showing you the parade twice, first going south and then returning north through the downtown area, so be sure to wave to me again. After the parade, I will be on my way back to the North Pole. We are super busy getting ready for Christmas 2022 and believe it will be the best Christmas ever! Can’t wait to see you. Santa C.

Santa C,

North Pole


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