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Deputies positive role in DSD


November 17, 2022

To Whom It May Concern,

First, a big thank you to the new deputies & Joe Helm!

I would like to inform my community about this topic and recognize the benefits of the deputies in our high school. Joe Helm hired a lot of new deputies this year. Many of which have been involved within Dayton High School. The deputies are here during school hours, greeting kids and making our school experience fun and safe.

Joe Helm did a wonderful job hiring these deputies. They each have their own personalities and are very involved with all the kids. “Deputy Blake is super cool. He’s my favorite,” said a DHS student. “I like having deputies here, they are super fun,” another DHS student expressed in excitement. The deputies have made more of an impact on us as students than anything else. Behavorial issues have seemed to decrease, and conflicts have decreased.

As a leader in Dayton High School and my community, I thought it was appropriate to share the positives happening within our student body. I truly believe Joe Helm knew what he was doing when hiring these amazing guys. He knew what was best for our community. The student body enjoys the interactions and involvement of the deputies. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Joe Helm!


Wyntr McCauley

Dayton, Wash. 


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