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November 3, 2022

To the editor:

Skyler Rude has claimed that “affordability concerns,” including healthcare, housing, and childcare are among his top priorities. However, as state representative he voted against the development of affordable housing (HB 1220), against establishing a state-funded rental assistance program (HB 1277), against expanding the coverage of the Paid Family and Medical Leave Program (HB 1073), and against providing a monthly diaper subsidy for parents and caregivers who receive temporary assistance from the state (SB 5838), to name but a few examples. Rude claims to “work across the aisle”—where, then, was his support for these bills on issues he proclaims are a “priority”? Other Republican representatives voted for at least two of these bills. It seems “working across the aisle” means only when he has some legislation he wants to get passed. Finally, Rude has a right to make a living, but he is a co-listing agent selling homes priced upwards of half a million dollars in our community. That’s not a good look for someone who consistently votes against affordable housing. Join me in voting for Jan Corn for the 16th LD, someone whose words match her actions, and who has demonstrated her unfailing commitment to this community.

Kaitlyn Patia

College Place, Wash.


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