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Darren Goble for County Commissioner 

To the Editor

Darren Goble exemplifies the motto family and community first. Goble is a small town man, in every positive sense of the word. 

A fire department volunteer for decades, Goble always steps forward. 

When Goble was putting out his first road signs, he asked if he could place one in my yard. Without asking his position on things, I told him absolutely, I knew the man he is. Before he got in the political arena, Darren had my vote. 

Darren Goble is an American man. The kind we desperately miss these days. A man who looks up at the flag every evening, knowing he has a son deployed overseas. Who farms for a living, and is running for this office in his spare time. Darren doesn’t have days off. Ask any farmer. 

Goble believes in sitting down with anyone because “no matter who you are, you deserve respect because there is something you do better than I do, and I have something to learn from you.” 

If you want an uncompromising man who can’t be bent or bought, who will never embarrass you, who you can proudly tell your children you supported, then Darren Goble is the choice for you for Walla Walla County Commissioner.

Jim Brennan

Walla Walla, Wash.


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