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Appreciation for farming experience Miller brings

Letter to the Editor

On Thursday October 20th, Port Commissioner Seth Bryan made the following statement on social media about County Commissioner Candidate, Jack Miller: “He has experience at nothing except farming.” And he didn’t follow it up with anything nice after that line.

WOW, at least we all know how the CCC elected leaders really feel about the farmers in the area. Commissioner Amerein must have had to really carry more than his own weight sitting on the same commission as Farmer Marty Hall. Poor Marty must have to struggle everyday just to figure out how to get to the Commissioner’s Office. What could farmers possibly know about laws or regulations or science or weather or finances or profits, or planning or implementing, or economic development or yields or machinery or forecasting or community building or employees or payrolls or taxes. Silly farmers wanting to take leadership positions when all they have ever done is farm!!

Hats off to the farmers for even in their simple-mindedness and inexperience they have managed to successfully feed the world.

Seriously though, THANK YOU for choosing to farm and build and make our county better. Thank you for all your early mornings, your late nights, your walks to barns in the cold and dark. Thank you for caring for the land, for nurturing it, for providing the same care to the animals you raise. Thank you for teaching our kids how to look at a patch of soil and see thousands of years into the past and as far into the future. Thank you for teaching them skills that will be carried with them whether they farm or become scientists or even elected officials. THANK YOU for making this community a better place, encouraging not only the soil to thrive but our economy and businesses to thrive as well.

I think the experience that Farmer Jack would bring to this county and to that position would be a gift to us all.

For those of us that see you, see all you do, appreciate all you do, we say THANK YOU.

Vicki Zoller

Dayton, Wash.


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