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In support of Jared Hawkins for PT Judge

To the Editor:

Jared Hawkins, candidate for District Court Judge (Part-Time), has my enthusiastic support, and I would like to encourage voters to cast their ballots for him.

I worked closely with Jared in his capacity as City Attorney during my nearly 8-year term as mayor of Prescott. He displayed several valuable traits working with the City, as well as with other agencies in which I was able to observe his work. Those traits, I believe, make him highly qualified for this position.

First, Jared approaches questions and problems in a very thoughtful manner. He searches for and considers a variety of solutions which will resolve issues fairly. He is a forward-thinker and seeks to address issues before they become problems.

Jared’s calm demeanor is also an invaluable trait for the position he seeks. His ability to defuse and mediate disagreements which arose during meetings had major impacts on Council’s ability to resolve issues and arrive at workable solutions.

Finally, Jared is a man of high personal character. His word can be counted on. He went beyond his professional association with the City by engaging on a personal level with both staff and community, including participation in volunteer activities in Prescott. He treats those with whom he interacts in a genuinely respectful and considerate manner.

For these reasons, please join with me in casting your vote for Jared Hawkins.

Steve Heimbigner

Prescott, Wash.


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