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Best candidate can cross party lines, ultimately elected officials work for every voter

To the editor:

There have been some remarks lately that Jack Miller can’t possibly be a true Republican because he has so much support from Democrats in the community. I want to point out that, as a Democrat living in a county with a Republican majority, I have been voting for local Republican candidates for years. Often, both candidates in local races are registered Republicans. I understand that this means I need to learn more about the candidates than just their party affiliation in order to vote my conscience.

I am voting for Republican candidate Jack Miller because I believe he is the best candidate for Columbia County Commissioner, District 3. Jack has education and experience in management and agriculture that are relevant to the position. Jack also understands basic concepts such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as it relates to working with people. His opponent, Charles Amerein, made it clear at the AAUW-sponsored candidates’ forum that he was woefully unaware that such a concept exists.

Letters of support for Mr. Amerein have focused on his “character” based on his willingness to help the writers with snow removal, moving, or during a flood. While these are actions to appreciate from a public servant, after three and a half years in office, I would expect to see endorsements based on his accomplishments during his first term. To date, none have been pointed out. In fact, Mr. Amerein stated at the forum that his number 1 priority for county facilities is a new jail. We’ve been hearing that from commissioner candidates for 20 years. After almost four years in office, Mr. Amerein hasn’t brought us any closer to having a new jail. During his 2018 campaign, Mr. Amerein stated goals of improving the fairgrounds. Four years later, the pavilion bathrooms are still incomplete. Jack Miller understands that we need more from a county commissioner than neighborly gestures. We need someone who follows through and has the ability to work well with all types of people in our community.

Shellie McLeod

Dayton, Wash.


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