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Jenkins offers a five focus points plan for Sheriff

To the Editor,

Why do I support Jeff Jenkins for Columbia County Sheriff? I base a lot of my opinion on my own experiences dealing with Jeff. When my wife and I had concerns about an issue, his quick response getting back to us the next day was exactly what I expected of Jeff as a professional.

I think unanswered responses to questions lead to doubt with community members. Your voice should be heard and not go unnoticed or even worse, ignored. Jeff has always been responsive and professional. I like that he works for every citizen of Columbia County, not being involved with any one group, simply working for all!

He is a fiscal conservative with a good understanding of budget practices. The bottom line is that I want a Sheriff that is focused on public safety and, at the same time, not wasting the citizen’s money. Twenty-eight years of law enforcement experience counts! I also completely agree with Jeff’s five focus points that he is committed to doing while serving as Sheriff.

1. Implement 24-hour policing. (This is something one would assume was happening)

2. Keep a balanced budget. (It is the citizen’s money, and it needs to be spent wisely)

3. Keep the department current on all certifications and training. (In my job, if I’m not current, I have no job, and my employer is liable for lawsuits)

4. Increase presence in our school district. (If children know and respect law enforcement, they make better future citizens, and they look at law enforcement in a positive light)

5. Conduct regular community forums to build better communication with every citizen. (I believe this is paramount. If you don’t connect with a large variety of citizens on a regular basis, how can you know what their concerns are?)

If the five goals above are not met, then I would be looking for another candidate in the next election. That is the way it works in my mind. No excuses. I don’t want to hear, “I am a busy guy, and it’s hard to get back to everyone .”It is the responsibility of the Sheriff to respond as needed and deal with the issues at hand.

Dan Aschenbrenner

Concerned Citizen

Dayton, WA


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