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September 8, 2022

To the Editor: 

I would like to address the fear-filled letter submitted to the Chronicle in the 9/1 edition from Seth Murdock.

Mr. Murdock, there is simple way for you never to have to worry about a “Drag Queen Story Time” and it is so easy that anyone can do it: Don’t go to one. Otherwise, please rein in your fear mongering. I’m happy that you believe that Commissioner Amerein possesses conviction and courage. But convictions are personal and subjective, as is courage. There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all suit of conviction that we all can pull on and strut about in. And forcing your convictions onto others that do not look like, worship like, vote like or love like you and Mr. Amerein do, isn’t really the kind of freedom that I believe in as an American citizen and especially as a Republican. 

You stated, regarding Ketchikan, ‘rewind a decade and not a soul in Ketchikan would have seen themselves or the town standing silent . . .” And therein lies the problem; you cannot rewind or step back in time to something that feels safer for you. That’s just not going to happen. And I am pretty sure that rewinding 10 years wouldn’t be sufficient for you and Mr. Amerein either. Maybe we could rewind to the 60’s before civil rights or the 50’s where the women were kept in skirts and silent at home, or the 40’s when the ’Red Scare’ had neighbors turning in neighbors as possible communist threats. How about the 1930’s when lynching of blacks was a pastime for many? Just where is it you want America to go back to so it can be great again? 

Freedom is a difficult concept to grasp for many people when they don’t want others to have freedoms that make them feel uncomfortable. But freedom requires us to step out of our places of fear or provincial thought processes and learn to live with others even when the others don’t do like we do, live like we live, vote like we vote, or dress, love, and marry like we dress, love, and marry. 

If your endorsement of Commissioner Amerein was meant to be uplifting or affirming, it fell short. All you did was seek to instill more fear in people; fear of Public Health, fear of CPS, fear of guns being taken, fear of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that is different. And if that’s Commissioner Amerein’s platform for reelection then all I can say is YIKES and I’m grateful we have another choice in Jack Miller. At least he focuses on local issues and concerns and has generated support from Republicans and Democrats alike. 

Seth, if the Drag Queens come to Dayton for ANY REASON, please just keep your family home and let those that want to take their family to the show, do so. THAT is freedom, that is how it works. Until then, find something positive about your community and support that. 

Vicki Zoller 

Dayton, WA


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