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Support for Wetlands Wastewater plan


Last week Neighbors United held a public information meeting about the City of Dayton’s proposed Wastewater Treatment project. The meeting was well attended and representatives from the professionals that had worked on this project over the years gave a background review of the project and the current state of the project. This panel answered audience questions with why or why not certain decisions were made to facilitate the project.

These questions were answered to the best of the Wastewater professional’s ability and experience.

Alternate solutions were discussed with the pros & cons of these options explained. Including why some of the alternate possibilities would not work in Dayton’s situation or be even more expensive.

Some of the newly installed current Dayton City Council want to start this research all over again to achieve a different solution. This would cost the city taxpayers more money.  There could be potential state fines, and a worse case potential of bankrupting the City of Dayton. The money already spent on researching & finding solutions to our Wastewater problems would have been wasted.

If some City Council members continue to vote against going forward with the current Wastewater Treatment plan they are doing a major disservice to the City of Dayton and it’s residents.  Are some of these council members purposely trying to destroy Dayton?  Our time is running out to meet WA state’s public safety requirements for a treatment facility.

Citizens of Dayton please study the issues and encourage the  Dayton City Council to support the Wastewater facility as it is designed.  Consider that professional experts in this field were vetted and hired by the City of Dayton to create an efficient and workable solution that will meet WA State regulations.

Carol Anderson

Dayton, Wash.


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