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VOTE YES for Waitsburg's Children.


February 3, 2022

Letter to Editor

When recruiting new businesses or new community members, it is important to have several critical tools in your economic development toolbox; for Waitsburg Commercial Club, one of the tools that make Waitsburg a great place to work and live is our award-winning school district.

On February 8, a Replacement Levy is on the ballot to maintain school programs and services that are not covered by state funding.

This is not a new tax; it will replace the existing tax of approximately $3.50 per thousand dollar property assessed value. Due to the current state levy lid, it is likely that Waitsburg’s tax rate will DECREASE to $2.50 per thousand dollars.

The community of Waitsburg always steps up to support our children. Waitsburg Commercial Club Board of Directors asks for your continued support by voting YES for this replacement EP&;O levy on February 8.

VOTE YES for Waitsburg’s Children.

Joy Marie Smith,

President of Waitsburg Commercial Club

And Board Members


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