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Elections tend to be a confusing time for me. Sometimes a friend may be running for office or there may be other people I don’t know. This year has been different because of the fake information issues and hateful commentary! I promised myself that I would not vote for angry candidates, or candidates without positive visions or platforms for the community I love and have chosen to live in. Platforms are created by local people, then go to county, state and national levels and candidates must have an understanding of their Party’s Platform to be a meaningful candidate. With all of that, I have chosen to vote for the following:

*City Council Position #1: Boe Stevenson

*City Council Position #3: Teeney McMunn

*City Council Position #5: Write In Vicki Zoller

*City Council Position #7: Fred Crowe

*Fire District #1: Mike Spring

*Port Commission #1: Shawn Brown

*Port Commission #3: Jack Miller

*School District #1: David Bailey

Candy Jones

Dayton, Washington


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