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Support for candidates in Columbia county

Dear Editor,

I am supporting the following candidates for various offices in Columbia County, the City of Dayton, Dayton School District Board, and the Public Hospital District:

Shawn Brown, Commissioner #1 Columbia County Port #1

Jack Miller, Commissioner #3 Columbia County Port #2

Teeny McMunn, City of Dayton Council Member #3

Write In Candidate Vickie Zoller, City of Dayton Council Member #5

Fred Crowe, City of Dayton Council Member #7

Grant Griffen, Dayton School District Director #3

Jeff McCowen, Dayton School District Director #5

Jim Kime, Public Hospital District Commissioner #3

Barbara Miller, Public Hospital District Commissioner #4

I have known these candidates for many years, served on committees and boards with them, and can attest that each one of these candidates has the best interests of their respective positions as their number one priority. They are not running for and do not have any agenda other than helping each public entity do what is best for our town, schools, and county. I urge readers to exercise their right to vote and vote for each of the above candidates. 

Respectfully submitted,

Katie Leid

Dayton, Wash.


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