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McMunn for city council


October 7, 2021

Dear Editor,

My friend Teeny McMunn has decided to give up some of her retirement time to become a member of Dayton’s City Council. I’m endorsing her to fill position 3 because I know she will work to benefit Dayton.

Teeny will seek ways to solve the challenges that our beloved Dayton faces. I assure you she will listen to your concerns and gather information and viewpoints to find solutions. She does not have a pre-existing agenda nor an axe to grind. She will be our energizer bunny working to solve problems for the best economic and community outcome

I’ve known Teeny since 2003. We both joined a group that’s purpose was business success. The group of business owners and managers went on to elect Teeny as President, they were able to see her skill at bringing folks together to work for the common good.

As our interactions increased over the years we became friends. I have been amazed at her willingness to give her time to community activities all in the effort to make Dayton a good place for all of us.

Here are a couple of examples of her efforts. If you or someone you know was the recipient of a pink care bag after you received an unwanted nasty diagnosis of breast cancer then you were the recipient of a thoughtful program Teeny started years ago. She is a long term survivor, she knows the pain that diagnosis brings, she had walked that path and decided to help ladies she did not know but fully realized they would benefit from acts of kindness.

She has also provided our community with a grief recovery program. She has walked beside many when each step is difficult and painful. None of us want to be in need of this kind of help and it takes a special person to give of their time this way.

Teeny has also been our church's energized bunny taking on many tasks. One of those tasks has been our involvement with the Third Street yard sale that she spearheads, you might even of handed her money for your new-to-me treasures.

I hope that in reading these examples you understand Teeny’s generous heart and commitment to our community. She is stepping up an offering to do what she can to help Dayton. She has business skills in managing and a history of volunteering that make her the best option to fill Position 3 on City Council, I urge you to vote for Teeny.

Jo Poolman,

Dayton, Wash.


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