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Wilson ends City Council bid

Dear Citizens of Waitsburg:

As many of you know, the voting for City Council has changed from the original charter. The original charter had the people of Waitsburg selecting candidates from a list and the candidates with the most votes received the seats on the council. Now the county monitors elections and each seat has a list of candidates voters will choose from.

When I signed up for City Council, I was unaware that this is how it would work this year. I signed up for the position that Mr. Paxton had vacated.

Unbeknown to me, Jillian Henze also signed up for this position. Jillian Henze is a brilliant woman with a young family who also values Waitsburg just like I do. She wants her children to not only be proud of the community they live in, but to have the advantages our Waitsburg Community has given to my own children over the years. Jillian is not afraid of hard work and we currently see her in our community working towards its betterment.

Jillian’s demographic and voice is needed on the City Council. I am asking you to vote for Jillian Henze. I will continue my current work for the City Planning Council, the Waitsburg Historical Society, etc. and run in future races when the need arises.

Rebecca Wilson

Waitsburg, Wash.


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