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Rejection of Columbia County Conservatives mandates


September 30, 2021

Letter to Editor -

We have candidates running for leadership positions in Columbia County and the City of Dayton that profess to be followers of Jesus Christ yet cannot seem to perform the simplest act of loving, Christian kindness towards their fellow man: the wearing of a mask when indoors at public locations such as school board meetings.

This basic, simple act of loving-kindness isn’t much to ask of Christians that profess their love of a Savior that willingly died for them. So, it makes it hard to accept that this same Savior wouldn’t be willing to wear a mask as a display of love and sacrifice towards others.

If the simplest gesture of thoughtfulness and kindness cannot be displayed by members of the Columbia County Conservative Candidates, then what will be their actions when bigger displays of compassion or caring may be needed from them in their leadership roles?

As a Republican in this county, I reject the mandates of this local conservative group far more than the mandate of wearing a small cloth over my face while in a meeting or in the grocery store. It is, without question, the easiest act of caring and compassion that costs me nothing but says everything.

Vicki Zoller

Dayton, Wash.


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