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Support of two Waitsburg Candidates


Left: Jillian Henze, candidate for Waitsburg City Council Position 5. Right: Kate Hockersmith, candidate for Mayor of the City of Waitsburg.

Dear Editor:

Communication is key for city council candidate Henze

You just couldn't make up Jillian Henze; she seems rare as an ostrich in winter wheat. Her well-earned attributes just keep building on each other and, when you hear them, building onto your enthusiasm and optimism for positive change. A three-generation local, a wife and mom, who was deeply engaged in the area's disaster recovery last year and civic issues daily. Her career has led her to a full-time position, remotely providing public affairs work helping small businesses that seems absolutely impossible for a Zoom ignorant geezer to understand. Think we have high stakes in what we must work through? Think communication skills make a difference to being heard and getting the job done? Vote for Jillian Henze for Waitsburg City Council Position 5 and feel our future get more coherent and brighter.

A strong community member will make a strong mayor

Kate for Mayor. That's the deal. Kate Hockersmith impressed me on one of the first days I landed in Waitsburg when she yelled at me across Main Street that I had to go to a live bluegrass concert she was organizing for that very night. We had never met. I went and had a fantastic time. Her love of community-kids, dogs, gardens, music, fire hydrants and steadfastness in working on behalf of all of us-glows whenever she appears and lingers after she has moved on to the next task. Kate for Mayor.


Terry Lawhead

Waitsburg, Wash.


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