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Mayberry is that person


September 24, 2020

It is vital we vote for an effective advocate for our County Commissioner. Jenny Mayberry is that person. A successful local business woman, passionate in her giving and highly invested in our community. Her business supports a variety of projects and fundraisers to help organizations and nonprofits. Jenny selflessly gives countless hours to the care of our community through her volunteer service as a Firefighter/EMT. She has a passion for the health and well being of our community.

I met Jenny a couple years ago and my first impression upon observation was she is a firecracker of a woman. When she spoke, people in the room listened. Articulate, quick-witted, intelligent, knowledgeable, bold and passionate. She is a principled Godly woman and obviously well respected as evidenced by several awards she has received for her community dedication.

A recent meeting with Jenny uncovered her underlying passion for the betterment of our community which I believe makes her a best choice candidate for County Commissioner. She is a self-admitted fact-checker. Jenny is dedicated to following the dollar. She is committing herself to making a conscious effort to research how currently funded programs are making a difference. Does the research and evidence support the goals set out for the specific programs? Her line of volunteer work as a FF often uncovers the ugly realities of mental health disorders, pain of suicides, use of illegal narcotics etc. Her passion is to note the positive effect of community-supported programs by researching facts, checking numbers and making correlations to the efficacy of the many programs our County offers. How can taxpayer dollars be best spent in support of goals driven by community needs?

Jenny Mayberry is purposeful. She lives her life committed to excellence. It is for these reasons I fully endorse Jenny Mayberry as our next successful County commissioner and invite you to meet her, ask her questions and then, join me in support of her for our communities.

Leslie Kroum


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