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By Gracie Compton
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The Times 'big boss' checks in from isolation


April 30, 2020

Beka Compton

I have to refuel my pony, Brownie, when we get done walking around the horse pen. Daddy said we couldn't have horses, but he didn't say anything about ponies!

Gracie here! In case you didn't know, being two is tough. Being two AND being stuck at home with Mom all day? Oh boy! Mom says we are 'isolating,' and even though I don't really know what that means, it's been pretty fun!

Our mornings start early around here. 6:30 a.m. at the very latest, and I'm always the one getting Mom out of bed. She says she is not a morning person: I say too bad.

While I sit down and eat breakfast, Mom cleans up the kitchen and eventually comes over with a cup of coffee, though I'm pretty sure she's had a cup or two while "cleaning." Once she's settled on the couch, I jump up, grab my straw, and prepare to battle whatever forces come my way to get my own sip of morning joe.

After breakfast, we head out to do chores. Dogs need to run, ponies need treats, and (my favorite)... ducklings need to swim! We have three ducklings this year, Spanky, Alfalfa, and Darla. Darla and Alfalfa are mallards, and Spanky is a Pekin. Mom sets them up with a warm pool and they get to splash around while they get fresh bedding. Personally, I think they would love some bubbles, but Mom says absolutely not.

Once we get chores wrapped up and get home, I need a snack. Hummus, carrots, and berries are all hits around here, but Mom keeps saying I'm going to turn into a garbanzo bean at the rate I eat hummus. Does that actually happen? I'm willing to chance it. As mom says, "it's for science!"

My afternoons are pretty relaxed. Snack, lunch, and assorted projects. Mom has an old book, The Giant Book of Kid Concoctions, and it has all sorts of cool recipes, science projects, and sensory play ideas. One of my favorites so far: Shaving cream paint! I get to help mix up the paints with a popsicle stick, and then I get to paint the bathtub! Mom said to be sure to mention that, because the one time she let me paint a box in the kitchen, the Roomba accidentally ran some over and it was everywhere!

Overall, I'm handling isolation pretty well. I miss my visits with everyone at the coffee shop and running the staff meetings at the Times, but I'm hopeful I'll get to see everyone soon. Mom, however, is going a little crazy. She keeps trying to eat everything with sticks and said her isolation goal is to learn how to use "chopsticks." Trust me, it's not going well.

I hope everyone is doing well, staying home, and being safe! Once this is over, I'd love to see everyone at Ten Ton for a Graciecano. (A Graciecano is a specialty drink created by Luke Chavez, consisting of steamed coconut milk and a dash of caramel.)


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