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Masks are appreciated and more postmaster Mike Reed


April 30, 2020

Lane Gwinn

Waitsburg Post Office employee Sarah Dorsch serves customers safely from behind the protective barrier. Customers are encouraged to wear masks and follow the posted safety guidelines.

Publisher Lane Gwinn wanted to know how things were going for some of our community's front-line workers, the folks at Waitsburg's Post Office. Mike Reed, Waitsburg's postmaster, was kind enough to email the Times with his thoughts and suggestions on how to keep yourself and others safe while getting the mail.

"First, almost everyone is doing the social distancing very well and we appreciate it, we hope we can get back to normal soon, please thank everyone for their patience.

"The way the floor at the Waitsburg office is laid out we can really only accommodate two people while maintaining the six-foot social distance rule. To keep traffic moving, we have signs posted stating that, so to make this happen we would ask people to grab their mail and exit as soon as possible to make room for the next customer.

"Avoid using the counter top because we are told that can be a way the virus is transmitted.

"Please consider picking up your mail twice a week or possibly even once a week instead of everyday. If possible, avoid peak times between 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., and Mondays.  If your box fills up, we will keep your mail here for you to pick-up.

"Please stand back a few feet from the counter and talk through the sneeze guards when talking with the staff.

Masks are appreciated."


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