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December 26, 2019

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Gold Leaf, Steve Henderson

It's not until you spend time in the city that you realize how much space there is in the country.

As a lifelong small town girl, I consider "city" to mean Spokane, Portland, or anything on the west side of Washington State nestled next to Puget Sound. I can't even imagine Hong Kong.

And while I enjoy the sights and sounds and lights and activity of the city, what I love about the country is its landscapes-those winding gravel roads that leisurely wend their way past meadows and fields, "empty" spaces that invite both mind and feet to wander.

Understandably, there are areas in which those feet can't wander-fences and No Trespassing signs are the country's version of gated communities and guarded corporate buildings-but on the whole, one can get out and away without having to purchase a state or federal or county or municipal park pass.

At Wenaha Gallery, we showcase a number of Pacific Northwest artists who love the country, live in or around it, and celebrate its beauty through painting or photography.

One of these artists is Walla Walla painter Todd Telander, who says about his rural-based paintings:

"I promote peace, contemplation, beauty, and solidity, and I suppose I like to share my vision of these things with others."

In this way of thinking, he is joined by his colleagues, including Boise, ID, based painter Bonnie Griffith:

"My goal is to create paintings that draw the viewer into the painting, to experience the time of day, the temperature, the sound, the smells," Griffith, explains.

Calm. Peace. Tranquility. Beauty. Serenity.

These are elements of life well worth seeking, experiencing, celebrating – and these are what we find in the country landscape.

Through January 11, Wenaha Gallery (219 E. Main, Dayton) is focusing on Country Landscapes, featuring artwork by eight Wenaha Gallery artists. These artists are Nancy Richter (Kennewick); Steve Henderson (Dayton); Bonnie Griffith (Boise, ID); LuAnn Ostergaard (Kennewick); Jim McNamara (Walla Walla); Gordy Edberg (Whidbey Island); Jordan Henderson (Dayton); and Todd Telander (Walla Walla).

The gallery is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.


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