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Easter marks the 140th anniversary of Waitsburg Christian Church

By Waitsburg Christian Church Board Chair Trevor Johnson


April 18, 2019

The Waitsburg Christian Church is recognized by the State of Washington as a Historic Church, established in 1880. The beginnings of the church, the oldest place of worship in Waitsburg, go back to 1867, just two years after the town's founding. After meeting in the school house, and later in the home of the Hollowell family, the church itself was built, with no debt, at the cost of about $15,000. The Waitsburg Christian Church today.

This Easter, April 21, marks the 140th anniversary of the formation of the Christian Church of Waitsburg. The State of Washington recognizes the formation as Jan 21, 1880, but it is April 21, 1879, that the congregation auspiciously mark the occasion.

On that day in April, three men got together to make official the formation of a church in Waitsburg, W.P. Bruce, T.J. Hallowell, and J.H. Smith. It was a Monday – a week and a day past Easter that year – and we can imagine a bustling congregation of townspeople, having so recently celebrated resurrection together, joining again and deciding to make their body of worship more formal.

It is interesting to note that it took 19 months for their charter to be delivered and processed by the Washington Territory, a task we accomplish almost instantly today. As a result, that date all those months later is what is regarded by the newly-formed State of Washington as the official formation.

But for those who have taken part in this church all these years; the families, organizations, and individuals who have filled both the church and our community, it is April 21st we celebrate. The day a group of fellow Waitsburgers from another time, blessed us these 140 years later, with a church and congregation still active in our community today.

All are welcome this Easter Sunday (and every Sunday) to join us in celebration, worship at 10 a.m., potluck and Easter egg hunt to follow.


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