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By Vicki Zoller
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Pacific Power Funds Dayton Tree Trimming


March 14, 2019

DAYTON – Among the notable features along Dayton’s well-traveled Main Street are the trees that line the walks from one end of town to the other. These trees provide cool shade in the summer, warm colors as autumn rolls in and they pop green and bright at springtime.

Thanks to Bill Clemens, Regional Communications Manager with Pacific Power, along with Trees, Inc., Dayton’s trees are getting a much-needed trimming. Every year, certified arborists from Trees Inc. volunteer one day of their time to give the trees a quick once-over.

But that one day’s attention isn’t enough to shape the trees or give them the in-depth trimming they truly need. Every couple of years, a more thorough pruning that directs the branches up and away from the front of stores and roofs of buildings is required.

The value of this service, provided to Dayton by Trees Inc. and funded by Pacific Power, equals a generous $7000. Clemens has been with Pacific Power for 37 years and serves as the point of contact to our community.

He also serves on local committees that focus on the economic development of Dayton as well as all of Columbia County. He believes that healthy trees serve Dayton by creating shade and helping to reduce air conditioning costs as well as enhancing the year-round beauty of downtown Dayton.

The crew from Trees Inc. spent the week of March 4 moving up one side and down the other on Main Street. As they thin branches, they also check on the health of each tree. It’s a house call from the tree doctors.

Their timing coincided with some of the coldest weather this year, but they managed to cut branches and chip the debris into the back of their truck to finish up on schedule.

As the trees change through the seasons, Dayton is thankful for the generosity of Clemens and Pacific Power and the trimming skills of Trees, Inc.


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