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By Brianna Wray
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What the Cat Dragged In

Kate Hockersmith's alleycat, Finn MacCool, caught in illegal trap


August 16, 2018

Brianna Wray

Finn checks out the workings of the trap

WAITSBURG – After two days missing, Kate Hockersmith, of Waitsburg, began to worry about her cat, Finn MacCool.

"He's an indoor cat during the day, then he goes out at night," Hockersmith explained.

Hardly one to pass up an opportunity for food or affection, Finn made his way to their Seventh Street home eventually. Along with him he dragged a foot-long, steel claw trap which had caught and broken two of his toes.

Hockersmith did not see which direction Finn came in from, only that "he came up silently, completely covered in burrs."

According to Washington State law, use of any steel-jawed leghold trap, neck snare or other body-gripping trap to capture an animal is unlawful. Their use is considered a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to 364 days in jail and up to a $5,000 fine.

Hockersmith, with the help of a neighbor, pried open the trap to free the ensnared paw and rushed Finn to the Dayton Veterinary Clinic. He was seen by Dr. Kennie Reeves, who prescribed antibiotics and plenty of catnaps.

"Yesterday his paw was twice that size," Hockersmith said. "Dr. Kennie said she'd seen worse."

Finn MacCool is expected to make a full recovery and already looks like he's keen to head back out into the night.


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