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By Teeny McMunn
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Double-Streusel Coffee Cake

Teeny McMunn: My Recipe Box


March 22, 2018

After last week's long recipe, this will be short, comparatively. It is the old fashioned Bisquick coffee cake recipe that used to be on the box and no longer is. I was looking for something quick and easy for coffee hour that I didn't have to go to the store for. We had a large box of Bisquick we had not used for awhile, so went with that. Speaking of "awhile", there are two types of people: those who believe that a pull date or expiration date is there for a reason (which is me) and those who believe it's only a suggestion and therefore can be used anytime in this decade (the other one in this household). So when I say it's been awhile, I mean it was already past the pull date and out of my comfort zone.



2/3 c. Original Bisquick mix

2/3 c. packed brown sugar

1 tsp ground cinnamon

3 Tbsp cold butter or margarine


2 c. Original Bisquick mix

½ c. milk or water

2 Tbsp sugar

1 ½ tsp vanilla

1 egg


Heat oven to 375 degrees. Spray bottom and side of a 9 inch round cake pan with cooking spray. In small bowl, mix 2/3 c. Bisquick mix, the brown sugar and cinnamon. Cut in butter, using pastry blender, (or pulling 2 table knives through ingredients in opposite directions) until crumbly, set aside.

In medium bowl, stir coffee cake ingredients until blended. Spread about 1 cup of the batter in pan. Sprinkle with about ¾ cup of the streusel. Drop remaining batter over top of streusel: spread carefully over streusel. Sprinkle remaining streusel over top.

Bake 20 to 24 minutes or until golden brown. Let stand 30 minutes before serving. Serves warm or cool.


You would think it would be simple, right? But here is where it got complicated for me. I used a nine-inch square pan and half of the dough, or one cup, which was not enough to spread over the bottom. Geez. So I used all of the dough and made another batch, but did not double the streusel, which I thought looked enough. It wasn't. Lesson, if you double the dough, then double the streusel. The top layer will need to be dropped in and carefully spread. So if it doesn't totally cover every little space, it's no problem.

All in all, it was ok, if not, a bit dry, but butter on top fixed that.



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