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Vote Yes on Dayton School Levy


January 25, 2018

Dear Editor,

We are writing in support of the upcoming Dayton School District capital projects levy. This levy will replace the current 2017-2018 levy. The primary purpose for this levy is to upgrade the boiler systems for the School District. The boilers for the Elementary and High School buildings are 33 years old and have reached the end of their estimated lifespans. The Ag - Wood Shop boiler is the oldest at 52 years old. The large hot water heater unit is also over 30 years old. The aging equipment continues to have breakdowns and is not performing efficiently. In the past few years, there have been two emergency repairs to the boiler pipe system costing over $150,000. These systems are essential for the District to provide a safe and warm environment for students to learn in. It is our responsibility to ensure that the Dayton School District is able to provide for our students now and in the future. Please vote yes on February 13 for the 2019-2020 capital project levy.

Denise and Terry Hoon, Dayton


Dear Editor,

We need to pass this school levy to ensure that our children have a safe and healthy place to get their education. The infrastructure is in great need of repair. The boilers need replacement so the kids have a warm place to further their academic accomplishment. The high school roof needs immediate fixing. This levy is a real necessity to keep our schools on the forefront as a leader in the state. Please vote YES for the school levy on February 13, 2018. Every vote counts. Our children deserve the best facilities they can have. Vote YES on February 13.

Craig George, Dayton


Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to encourage voters in Columbia County to support the upcoming Capital Projects Levy for the Dayton School District. The primary purpose of the levy is to replace the aging boilers that heat the buildings. The equipment is well past its prime and is not functioning at an efficient level. The problems created by system malfunctions has affected student learning and will continue to do so if we do not address the issue. It is imperative to upgrade now before a major system failure forces an immediate fix that has not been properly planned and budgeted. The levy will replace the existing Capital Project Levy that has addressed other major needs at the Dayton School District and the cost difference to tax payers will be minimal. Please vote yes on the levy!

Thank you!

Paula Moisio, Dayton


Dear Editor,

It’s Time.

I am voting “yes” in support of Dayton School District’s upcoming replacement levy.

Like most of the state school districts who have aging infrastructure issues, decisions concerning maintenance or replacement have to be addressed.

I’m voting yes to ensure that students have a safe and educationally adequate facility which will prepare them for an incredibly diverse and complex world.

The districts antiquated, and expensive to repair, boilers are operating past their expected lifespan, and frequent breakdowns, along with educational interruptions are sadly becoming the norm.

Additionally, the high school roof, which has been patched and reworked numerous times over its 90 plus year existence, has a number of major leaks which will simply continue to develop. Replacement is the only viable option.

Dayton School Districts mechanical infrastructure is much like an aging well-used automobile; repair cost start to mount and eventually exceed the replacement cost. Ultimately, entire systems need replacement. It’s time. Students need reliable heat

throughout the campus and a stable high school roofing system.

It’s always more expensive to fix things on the fly, while at the same time crossing your fingers and hoping related subsystems won’t fail. It’s just a matter of planning for a major, and insufficiently short term, repair or a sensible replacement.

It’s time to vote “yes.”

Jeff McCann, Dayton

DSD Teacher/MSASB Advisor


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