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Darkest Hour

Mike Ferrians: This Week at the Liberty Theater


February 22, 2018

Some characters, no matter how eccentric or brazen or otherwise unattractive, appear on the world stage at just the right time to accomplish what needs to be done. This seems to be true in the arts, the sciences and in the political arena. Winston Churchill, most would agree, is one of these. This is the story behind Darkest Hour, a new film by director Joe Wright. Churchill has just been elected prime minister and Adolph Hitler has already invaded Poland. The war has started, but neither America nor England are in it yet. Churchill has very little time to decide whether to negotiate a “peace” with Hitler (on Hitler’s terms) or go to war with Germany. Either choice is costly.

Gary Oldman is not the first actor to play the role of Churchill. But he put on a lot of makeup for it and spent an entire year preparing for it. His wife is said to have gone to bed with Winston Churchill and awakened with Gary Oldman. Like our last film, The Post, this movie is released for a time such as this, when many are asking “What does true leadership look like? What does it mean to hold fast for what one believes when it is not popular?” Churchill was controversial within his own government in his own country, and he remains so today. Yet, he made a decision that altered the course of history for the good. Come join us for yet another historical drama and an impressive performance by Gary Oldman.

At the Liberty Theater, our mission is to help enrich and strengthen community life through the preservation and promotion of the performing arts and cultural events. Performing arts are more than entertainment: they are one way we develop and grow healthier and stronger as a community. We are grateful for the support and partnership of the community in our programs!

Darkest Hour plays at the Liberty Theater February 23-27. For more information on our film schedule and ticket sales on upcoming live shows, visit, call 509-382-1380 or send email to


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