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School Staff Shares: "What I Did During My Summer Vacation"


September 7, 2017

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Flint Lunde Abel joined the Abel family on July 20.

From the editor: Since it's typical for teachers to ask students to share about what they did during their summer vacations, we decided it would be a fun twist to turn the tables and ask district school staff to share their summer adventures with our readers. Several took the time to respond and it sounds like it was a summer filled with milestones, family and fun.

Gabe Kiefel (High School Science): My wife, Jessica, and I took our kiddos, Liam and Audrey, to Disneyland for the first time. It was fun, but we realized how important it is for us to live in a small town.

Denise Winnett (High School Administrative Assistant): Took a trip to Windy Mountain in the Gorge where our daughter, Micah, married Tanner Beeks of Glenwood.

Lori Bartlow (Middle School Administrative Assistant and Athletic Director): Jeff and I had the opportunity to attend Wyldlife Camp at Washington Family Ranch in Antelope, Oregon with 25 middle schoolers and two high school helpers from Dayton and Waitsburg.  We had a record group from our schools attend camp this summer.  It is always a privilege to spend time outside the school setting with our amazing kids from Waitsburg and Dayton.  They are so respectful and caring towards others and we have never had any discipline issues at camp like other areas do.  It makes us thankful for small town America and small school America. 

Brad Green (Band 5-12; High School Math): My wife and I paddled a canoe down the "Big River" in Missouri, I paddled a kayak on Canandaigua Lake in New York, and we went swimming in Hells Canyon, Idaho.  Lots of fun!

Marne Henderson (Third Grade): This summer was filled with adventure and spending time with many friends.  Went to YoungLife (YL) Camp at Malibu Club in Canada with 40 Dayton and Waitsburg HS friends for a week. Came home for a day then went to another YL Camp in Oregon. Throughout the four weeks; there were about  2,000 campers and leaders who came and had 'The Best Week of Their Life.'

Nicole Abel (High School Agriculture Education): Bridger and I hung out with his new baby brother Flint.  (Editor's Note: Flint Lunde Abel joined the Abel family at 8:16 a.m. on July 20. He weighted 7 lbs. 6 oz. and was 20.5 inches long)

Eleanora Montgomery (Paraeducator/Music/Fitness Instructor 3-4): Karen Huwe (Paraprofessional) and I, along with some friends, went river farting in Riggins, Idaho. We had a blast!

Liv Leid (High School/Middle School English): Jim (High School/Middle School Math) and I took a trip to Anchorage to see our son!

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WHS graduate Micah Winnet, daughter of Denise and Andy Winnett, became Micah Beeks this summer.

Deanna Coulston (Fourth Grade/Music/Fitness): This summer has been my favorite ever! Two trips to the Oregon Coast, Silverwood, a couple concerts, a 16th birthday for one Coulston and lots of days spent hanging out with my favorite guys made for some great adventures. Throw in a fun learning week with my favorite elementary staff and I'm rested, inspired, and ready for a brand new school year!

Lynnsey Bailey (MS Social Studies): I could mostly be found at Sweet Basil Pizzeria this summer. The pizza benefits were great, but the opportunity to buy a new car was even better. I did have a chance to go to the west side to celebrate what would have been my grandpa's 100th birthday celebration with a family reunion.

Marc Maiuri (Fitness 3-12): We spent a week at the Oregon coast.

Pam Beasley (Kindergarten): In addition to my science adventures, I went on a whale chasing expedition and kayaked in the Fidalgo Bay right net to a seal!


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