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City Council Update

July 17, 2017


August 10, 2017

New Business:

-Held a public hearing on the city’s 6-year Transportation Plan. No one from the public spoke.

-Adopted the city’s 6-year Transportation Plan. See full story in Aug. 3 issue.

-Approved the Sidewalk Projects Award which will allow the installation of multiple sidewalks paid for largely by federal funding. Approximately, $30,000-$40,000 will come from city funds, according to City Manager Randy Hinchliffe.

-Approved Ordinance 2017-1042 to do away with utility water deposits.

-Approved payment #2 on Main Street Bridge Replacement Project.

-Discussed the status of the fairgrounds grandstands. Council agreed to do further research and to determine the cost of demolition to better compare demolition vs. reconstruction or replacement. See full story in July 27 issue.

Unfinished Business:

-Council continued to discuss the possibility of borrowing a large sum of money for infrastructure financing. Hinchliffe presented an infrastructure financing plan that details where such funds would be spent, as requested at a prior council meeting. No decisions on financing were reached.

City Clerk Report:

-Reported that there was an unexpected change order with the Main Street Bridge demolition when foundations from previous bridges were found underneath the current bridge. Hinchliffe said specifics on how the issue will be addressed will be presented at the August council meeting. See full story in Aug. 3 issue.

-Reported that Trevor Johnson would like to use a strip of unused city property as a lot for his towing business. The council requested that Hinchliffe look into a lease contract for the property. See full story at left..

-The council agreed that the currently empty 4-H barn can be used to house goats and pigs for 4-H kids next year, if needed.

-Hinchliffe said there have been several issues recently with biting dogs and the city will be looking at how to modify the city code to better deal with animal control issues.

-Hinchliffe confirmed that hunting in the city watershed is still allowed.

-Hinchliffe provided a requested report on what the city public works department employees spend their time doing.


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