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Mile High Strawberry Pie


My friend, JoAnn, shared her mother-in-law, Marie Poolman's, recipe with me. She said she tried her first piece in 1964. I don't know which impressed me more, that she remembered the date of her first taste of the pie, or realizing that the recipe went back that far.

Since I was having dinner guests, I had a good reason to make it and let you know firsthand how it came out. Mile High is a great description! JoAnn said Marie would dress up a served piece with a sliced, fanned strawberry, a piece of mint and additional whipped cream.


Crust - Sift into 10" pie pan

1 ½ c. flour

1 ½ tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

Add ½ c. oil and 2 Tbsp milk – beat until well blended and add to flour mixture. Spread with fingers until plate is lined. Bake 10 minutes at 425 degrees.

Filling-Beat 2 egg whites until stiff

Add 1 box frozen strawberries, partially thawed

1 Tbsp lemon juice

1 c. sugar

Beat all together for 15 minutes, EXACTLY.**, fold in 1 cup whipped cream, measured after whipped till stiff. Pile high in cooled pie shell and freeze until firm. Serve frozen.


Quoting JoAnn, "You can claim it is low calorie as all the whipped air has zero calories."

Here is what I did differently. I used two cups of prepared, but no sugar added, strawberries from Klickers. I wasn't sure of the measurement of the frozen box of strawberries so I guessed. The crust went together nicely and I baked it in our toaster/convection oven as not to heat up the house.

I bought a half-pint of whipping cream before I read the description. It said 30% whipping cream. Hmmmm. I went to the store and the 'heavy" whipping cream had 36% so I used what I had already bought. It whipped up to almost two cups so I used all of it. I'm sure Marie probably skimmed cream off the top of whole milk and used that. The fact that I used more than a cup of whipped cream made the pie lose some of its body, but it was still huge and my guests didn't complain.

**At first I cringed about beating the mixture for 15 minutes but I see why. It continues to beat air into the mixture until it is fluffy. I put my Iphone beside me and Facebooked until the timer went off.

This pie is light, flavorful and refreshing. Everyone had a second piece.



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