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Columbia County Superior Court

March 15, 2017



-Raymond Joe Cate, 55, Walla Walla; charged with one count of delivery, manufacture, or possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver and one count of use of drug paraphernalia not used for marijuana. Cate was taken to the Col. Co. Sheriff’s Office on a failure to appear warrant. When he was unable to obtain the $600 bail he was booked into jail. While being booked, police reports allege that methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia was found in his possession. Cate entered a plea of not guilty and was released on a $5,000 unsecured appearance bond.

-Britni L. Crist, 29, Dayton; charged with rape of a child in the third degree. She is accused of having consensual sexual intercourse with a child who is at least 14 but less than 16 years old. She did not enter a plea but requested to have an attorney assigned to her. The court appointed Julie Karl. The case was continued to April 5.

-Brandon Wayne John, 33, Dayton; charged with first degree unlawful possession of a firearm. Sheriff’s officers were dispatched to a vehicle rollover and found John, who was taken to Dayton General Hospital. When arrangements were made to have the vehicle towed, officers allegedly observed a handgun in the vehicle. The court appointed attorney Julie Karl to the case.

-Darrel Jean Salgado, 22, Dayton; charged for drug related charges in two separate incidents. On March 4 Salgado was arrested on a bench warrant. While being booked, he was allegedly found in possession of a white powder testing presumptive positive for methamphetamine as well as syringes, cotton balls, and pills. He was charged with possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia not used for marijuana. He was released on an unsecured $10,000 appearance bond. On March 13 an deputy responded to a domestic violence call and questioned Salgado about the incident. Later, the deputy checked the area where Salgado had been seen, and found a stashed backpack containing a scale, syringe, bags, spoon, and a bag containing crystal methamphetamine. Salgado was located riding a bicycle the next day and reportedly took off on the bike when the deputy asked him to stop. Reports state that he eventually threw the bike aside and ran until he was caught at a fence where he was taken into custody after resisting arrest. In this incident he is charged with manufacture/delivery/production of meth with intent to deliver, assault in the third degree – resisting, resisting arrest, and possession of drug paraphernalia not used for marijuana. He plead not guilty.

Plea Agreements/Resolutions/Sentencing:

-Michael J. Testerman,19, Dayton. Charged with one count of harassment – domestic violence, threat to kill and one count malicious mischief, third degree – domestic violence. Testerman plead guilty to both charges in exchange for the first charge being dropped from “threats to kill” to “harassment, taking it from a felony offense to a gross misdemeanor. He will be on supervised probation for 24 months, but complete a domestic violence treatment program, and obtain a domestic violence evaluation and begin any recommended treatment. He must also reimburse $1680 in fines and fees.

-David Wayne Goddard, 46, Dayton; charged in three separate cases involving multiple counts of violation of protection order, unlawful imprisonment, 4th degree assault and harassment. He entered a plea of guilty to one count of violation of protection order – domestic violence, with two priors and one count of harassment – threat to kill in exchange for charges for two other cases being dismissed. Goddard was sentenced to 27.75 months on each count, to run concurrently.

-Benjamin A Williams, 41, Dayton; charged with second degree theft. Court agreed to a stay of prosecution for 24 months under the conditions that Williams commits not criminal offenses during that time and repays $274.50 to the Social Security Administration and $568 to the Veterans Administration. If conditions are met, the court will move for dismissal.

Trial Dates Set/Struck/Changed:

Benjamin Glen Smith, 33, Dayton; charged with rape of a child in the third degree, second degree child molestation, and third degree child molestation. March 27-28 trial struck. Case continued to April 5.

Marshall Hernandez, 56, Dayton; Charged with burglary and assault in the 2nd degree, strangulation in Nov of 2016 and charged with 1st degree arson and 1st degree reckless burning in Jan. 2015. Cases will be tried separately on May 4-5.

Benjamin, Orozco, 42, Mexico; Benjamin Orozco, 42, Nayarit, Mexico; Charged with murder in the second degree and first degree assault for the shooting murder of Lance Terry in Dayton in July of 1996. New trial date set for Oct. 23 – Nov. 3.

Steven Ray Long, 29, Dayton; charged with 17 counts including theft, drug charges, malicious mischief and burglary stemming from incidents that took place in Feb. and May, 2013. Long failed to appear for his pre-trial hearing. April 6-7 trial dates were struck and a bench warrant was issued.

Dante A Martinez, 21, Dayton; charged with one count of possession, delivery or manufacture of methamphetamine with intent to deliver and one count of resisting arrest. April 6-7 trial date was struck. Case continued to April 5.

Thomas Bray, 30, Dayton; charged with failure to register as a sex offender. Failed to appear for pre-trial hearing. April 6-7 trial struck. Case continued to April 5.

Brandon Wayne John, 33, Dayton; charged with two counts of escape in the first degree March 23 trial date struck. Case continued to April 19.


Michelle Martinez, 40, Dayton; charged with unlawful imprisonment – accessory, assault in the 4th degree – accessory, and coercion – accessory. Martinez was in court for trial setting but left prior to her case being called, stating health reasons. The judge set a telephonic hearing for the next day and Martinez failed to appear. Martinez’ conditions of release were revoked because she had allegedly had contact with Travis Garcia and she was to turn herself in by the end of the day on March 16. A bench warrant was issued.

Alex L. Ahumada, 31, Lewiston; charged with attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle. A motion to dismiss due to absence of material fact and legal insufficiencies of disputed facts was denied. The case is continued to April 5.


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