March 16, 2017 | Vol. 140 No. 2

DHS Senior Receives 'A Legacy of Legends' Scholarship

Megan Schmidt gets scholarship through program formed by horseman Buck Brannaman

DAYTON--Megan Schmidt, a senior at Dayton High School, has received an "A Legacy of Legends" scholarship to study "natural horsemanship" with people who studied under Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. Hunt and Dorrance are considered to be the "greatest and most influential horsemen, of all time", according to the "A Legacy of Legends" website.

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Megan saw a post on Facebook about the scholarship a couple of months ago and, after going back and forth in her mind, decided she would apply, according to her mother Virginia Schmidt.

"We said, do it. Go for it," said Virginia.

The Schmidt family left for...

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