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Mountain Apple-Oat Pancakes From Timberline Lodge


For the next few weeks, I am sharing recipes with apples, since we are into fall and they are abundant. This recipe is used quite a bit at our house, especially on a weekend morning when we

have more time. We always make extra, but they rarely

make it to the freezer. Personally, I like mine warmed in the

microwave so they are still soft, but Joe likes them warmed in

the toaster.

½ + cup rolled oats (not instant)**

2 cups pancake mix (we use the Snoqualmie brand)

2 TBSP sugar or honey

½ tsp cinnamon

½ tsp cardamom, ground

2 cups water

½ + cup apple, shredded

Combine apple and water in blender to chop/shred quickly. In medium bowl, combine rolled oats, pancake mix, sugar, and spices. (I would think if you are going to use honey, it should go in the blender with apples and water). Add ingredients together and stir until all above are mixed well.

The recipe suggests heat to be 325 degrees and to cook 2 + minutes or until bubbles break the surface, turn and cook other side until browned. It says to cook slowly as the sugar in the mix may cause it to burn easily.

My Notes: **We use instant oatmeal and we find that’s not a problem. If you don’t have cardamom, I’m sure it will be fine, but pick some up when you get a chance. It does give it a unique flavor. Having a pancake griddle pan is nice so that you can cook quite a few at once. I like oil on the pan, personally, when I make them, not the non-stick spray.

Joe often adds an egg for extra protein. I always put peanut butter on mine-for protein. (I thought everyone did).

Enjoy with your favorite topping, perhaps homemade applesauce (and peanut butter).


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