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December 13, 2012  RSS feed

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December 13: Patsy We­ber, Marilyn Wilson, Elena Perry, Richard Done, Donald Thiery, Helen Duckworth.

December 14: Shirley Wilson, Joy Leisure, Susan Herion, Heather Harris, Jay Lewis, Sasha Sickles, Willie Hobson, Imbert Matthee.

December 15: Agnes VonCadow, Jason Hender­son, David Hevel Jr., Carl Smith Jr., Stacie Huwe, Betty Young.

December 16: Katie Ford, Perry Dozier, Samantha Henze, Christopher Holmes, Lesli Crawford, Kenna Lar­son.

December 17: Matthew Ted Baker, Rex Munden, Jane Butler, Merle Bickel­haupt, Kerry O’Brien, Chel­sea Logemann.

December 18: Corrie Berneking, Mariah Hofer, Sharon Richter, Cindy Pet­tichord, Liz Quigg, Kelli Pet­tichord, Dale Miller.

December 19: Lexus Ann Benson, Jack Maxwell, Shir­ley Cummings.

December 20: Kellie Rar­ick, Margaret Naumann, Melanie Land, Jeff Gusse, Nathaniel Abel, Bitsey Harshman, Christy House.

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